Police Operations and Corporate Governance

Modise, Dr. John Motsamai (2024) Police Operations and Corporate Governance. B P International. ISBN 978-81-972797-5-1

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The goal of the book is to examine how crucial corporate governance concepts are to maintaining moral, honest, and efficient police operations. The emphasis will be on how corporate governance procedures interface with different facets of law enforcement. The link between effective corporate governance and police operations is the primary focus of discussion. Strong corporate governance frameworks are crucial for police forces to operate efficiently and retain public confidence, according to key considerations. These frameworks offer crucial safeguards, encouraging responsibility, moral behaviour, and effective use of resources. The methodology is an analysis that looks at how corporate governance principles affect several aspects of police operations, such as resource management, strategic planning, oversight, and moral behaviour. The implementation of sound corporate governance can result in better crime prevention, decreased wrongdoing, and a rise in public confidence in law enforcement. Maintaining efficient monitoring bodies and striking a balance between police autonomy and public accountability are difficult tasks. Policymakers, law enforcement personnel, and members of the public who are interested in police reform should all read audience analysis. In summary, police forces may increase effectiveness, foster trust, and provide better services to the communities they serve by implementing sound corporate governance standards.

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